Oh the bravest of the brave, Ser Preston. [x]

Oh the bravest of the brave, Ser Preston. [x]

RIORDAN FLINT & ROLAND CARROW ❧ As trade partners, the Flints and the Carrows have maintained strong ties for generations — as such, the relationship between Riordan Flint and Roland Carrow was no exception. During the War of Three Crowns, however, Roland Carrow offered his support to House Coulter, while Riordan Flint, bound by his oath to the crown, aided House Dane. When the Danes ordered the Flint bannermen to besiege Rivergate, Riordan was unable to do so in good conscience, as Roland was his most cherished friend. After personally reconciling with the Baron of Rivergate, Riordan’s loyalty shifted from the Danes to the Coulters. It was this act of betrayal that turned the tide of the War of Three Crowns; it was this bromance that caused the extinction of House Dane.

CASPIAN COULTER NEE CARROW / Emperor Consort / 29 / Lee Pace

His name may have changed through marriage, but Caspian remains a Carrow through and through. Proud, haughty, and self-important, he is often more concerned with the state of his eyebrows than he is with the state of the empire. Recently, he has had to deal with his wife’s apparent inability to conceive – not only because he is her husband and she needs his support, but also (and more importantly) because his reputation has suffered as a result. Though he may seem flippant and frivolous most times, Caspian really does care for others… just not as much as he cares for himself.

  • rude people call him “the virgin of verona” because he’s been married to sabina for a while and they have no babies. he takes it very personally. there are two things you can do to upset caspian: call him a virgin or tell him he has bad eyebrows
  • his middle name is virgil and it used to be a closely-guarded secret until caspian’s dumb little brother let it slip and now he’s either caspian virgin coulter or caspian nerdgil coulter. WHY
  • rich as hell because carrow
  • gets on well with the rest of the coulters because he knows how to PARTY (read: is pretty damn immature); usually has better familial relations than sabina
  • come on sab LIGHTEN UP [throws a lamp]
  • caspian is that one dude who is the funniest guy on the planet at the beginning of a party but by the time it’s over you literally cannot stand him. he is the Most Insufferable
  • when you go to court in verona, watch out for caspian & rosella. they are avelon’s fashion police and they will come for you
  • since becoming emperor, he’s tried to become a bit more partial to others’ thoughts and opinions but lol
  • getting more than a little pressed over the lack of an heir because it’s not only sabina’s rep on the line, but more importantly, his own street cred
  • self-serving carrow to the end, lol txt it

CETO TEMPESTA NEE ROMERA / Duchess of Letum / 31 / Lupita Nyong’o

A woman of cool dignity and effortless charisma, Ceto Tempesta’s calm, composed demeanor belies her true self. In reality, she is a woman of extremes — passion and hatred, love and loathing — and would do anything to protect her loved ones. Having studied the history of Caeleum, however, she has learned that it is best for these passions to remain hidden, lest others see an opportunity to undermine her particularly powerful position.

  • miss passive-aggressive queen 99 ga
  • family, duty, and honor are the most important things for ceto. everything else is a second priority. do stuff for your loved ones, do it because it’s your duty, and do the right thing. simple as that.
  • except it’s NOT simple because this is caeleum and when you try to play by the rules you get set on fire
  • ceto cares deeply about those she loves, but has to keep it on the d-l to keep them safe. this will probably be her downfall because you can’t keep up a facade as huge as hers for too long!!
  • loves swimming and going to beaches and water/the ocean in general. she really admires the beauty of the sea as well as its immense power and someday hopes to emulate it in the way she helps her husbando govern the duchy
  • speaking of governing, ceto has a tendency to micronanage everything, and doesn’t really notice it until someone points it out to her. she’s a bit of a perfectionist, but that’s because her entire life is so carefully cultivated and not one hair can be out of place because it might show weakness!!!!!!
  • i don’t know how you do it, ceto
  • gold star 4 u

DESMOND COULTER NEE PINE / Lord of Whiteridge / 31 / Tom Hiddleston

Desmond Coulter associates his rise from a near-baseborn tourney knight to a member of House Coulter with nothing but sheer luck and perfect timing. His superstitions may seem ludicrous to other nobles and his manners far below the standards of Whiteridge, but he is a product of his environment. At least he makes an effort to improve himself. While he generally considers himself an optimist, however, Desmond can’t help but wonder if his luck will run out, and just how much trouble he will be in when it does.

  • the quintessential oblivious husband
  • desmond was born pretty close to being a commoner but you know what’s cool?? getting by on sheer luck and pure coinkydink
  • literally everything that’s ever happened to desmond has fallen into his lap. or he’s fallen into it. either way, something’s falling and he’s going to catch it.
  • he’s learned not to question his good fortune.
  • i wasn’t kidding about the falling part — he actually fell off a cliff and may have broken his ankle but he also met his future wife in the process so a+ great job desmond
  • being born on the bottom rung of the metaphorical ladder of nobility caused desmond to be exposed to many of the smallfolk superstitions. this is how he was raised, and he’s had a hard time letting them go, leading to mockery from other nobles. like. i bet he’s constantly making sure that the horseshoes hung up around whiteridge are always turned upwards so all the luck doesn’t spill out.
  • he also doesn’t have the best manners around but oh my god does he try to be polite!!!! he is a nice guy, just not particularly ~noble
  • doesn’t really make dad jokes (not yet) but tells wicked fireside stories

FELDLAND, south avelon → setting

I stood tip-toe upon a little hill,
The air was cooling, and so very still,
That the sweet buds which with a modest pride
Pull droopingly, in slanting curve aside,
Their scantly leaved, and finely tapering stems,
Had not yet lost those starry diadems
Caught from the early sobbing of the morn.



♫ BAND AU; house preston as a folk-rock supergroup

"music isn’t about cursing twelve times in a single verse or fifteen-minute drum solos or how high you can autotune your voice — it’s about the music.

"shut up, alastor."

♫ now does our world descend; a dastanaïs download (mediafire), album art included / listen

the xx ► angels / the national ► don’t swallow the cap / seeker lover keeper ► even though i’m a woman / nickel creek ► can’t complain / the beatles ► girl / the swell season ► i have loved you wrong / bastille ► flaws / cake ► sick of you / to kill a king ► cold skin / the white stripes ► the denial twist / fiona apple ► love ridden / daughter ► youth / the maccabees ► grew up at midnight / josé gonzález ► slow moves / iron & wine ► cinders and smoke

♫ now does our world descend; a dastanaïs fanmix
.zip download (mediafire), album art includedlisten

the xx angels the national ► don’t swallow the cap / seeker lover keeper ► even though i’m a woman / nickel creek ► can’t complain / the beatles ► girl / the swell season ► i have loved you wrong / bastille ► flaws cake sick of you to kill a king ► cold skin / the white stripes ► the denial twist / fiona apple ► love ridden daughter ► youth the maccabees ► grew up at midnight josé gonzález ► slow moves / iron & wine ► cinders and smoke

The Kingsguard of Avelon